ShiftDEL B-lock


   ShiftDEL B-lock 1.0 CZ


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The Windows operation system a lot of applications under provides an option of unrecoverable file deletion using Shift+Delete key combination. This makes files deletion faster than common deletion through Delete option from the menu or using Delete (=Del) key. But brings a big risk of mistake and data lost. That way deleted files is possible to recovery only by complicated process. However its efficiency is very low especially for large files.

The ShiftDEL B-lock application protects against unwanted unrecoverable file deletion by automatic blocking of Shift-Delete key combination press. Instead is pressed the Delete key only.
Gives an option of left and right Shift key blocking, the time delay of hold combination for permission to press a real Shift+Delete combination sound signalization.
The blocking is applied to the entire system except user defined applications.

System requirements:

The ShiftDEL B-lock application has a minimal system requirements and is usable on any PC with Windows 95,98,Me,NT4,2000,xp,2003 operation system.


MX-3 ShiftDEL B-lock is provided as a FREEWARE.
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