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Extension to classic PrintScreen way of shooting screen. Can snap directly to clipboard or to files. SaveSnap support three file formats: BMP (Windows BitMap, best quality, large files), JPEG (compressed, customizable quiality) and GIF (lowest quality, downsampled to 256 colors, suitable for simple graphics).
SaveSnap makes use of multithreading which allows immediate response during file compression. When many pictures are being saved or in case of high disk usage, threads are queued so no information is lost.

You are able to select directory for saved images. Numbering of files is remembered when application is restasted.
There are also special marks available to insert specific information into filename. You can use \DATE (current date in YYYY-MM-DD format), \TIME (current time in HH;MM;SS format) and \N (where "N" is file number).

Use PrintScreen key to snap whole screen, Win+PrintScreen to snap active window or dialog only. Use Alt+PrintScreen to start function of automatic snaps. This will snap your screen automatic in chosen interval.

Captured image can be resized in 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 ratios.
Last snap is always shown in preview frame of main window, which can be enlarged to fullsize (double-click) or saved separately. Creation of previews can be turned off to increase program performace.

Advanced feature of scheduled saving is also available. You can specify date and time when the SaveSnap should snap the screen for you.

SaveSnap is designed for continuous running on background. Wheather SaveSnap is runing is shown with camera icon in system tray of main panel.


Program SaveSnap is FREEWARE. You may freely distribute and publish the program.
This product is protected by internation copyright law and property laws in all countries.

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