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Making own skins

Creation of personal skins is that simple that everyone can make his own.

Skin is based as subdirectory of "Disk:Install_path\Skins". Directory title is also skin title. The directory must contain two files: skin.bmp and skin.ini.

skin.bmp :

Is Windows Bitmap of any size or bit depths. The color of its corners specifies transparent key color, which will get transparent anywhere in bitmap. The clock base may be transparent only if the skin is to be used on Windows 2000, xp or 2003. Please make sure to test your skin on both white and black backgrounds to remove sharp borders.

skin.ini :

Is in common Windows INI format. This file should contain details about other clock geometry and colors.

Structure :
CenterX=integral number ; vertical position of center bitmap pixel
CenterY=integral number ; horizontal position of center bitmap pixel
Radius=integral number ; length of longest (seconds) clock hand in pixels
HWidth=integral number ; width of hours clock hand in pixels
MWidth=integral number ; width of minutes clock hand in pixels
SWidth=integral number ; width of seconds clock hand in pixels
AlarmWidth=integral number ; width of alarm clock hand in pixels
HColor=integral number ; color of hour hand
HShadowColor=integral number ; color of hour hand border
MColor=integral number ; color of minute hand
MShadowColor=integral number ; color of minute hand border
SColor=integral number ; color of seconds hand
SShadowColor=integral number ; color of seconds hands
AlarmColor=integral number ; color of alarm hand
AlarmShadowColor=integral number ; color of alarm hand border

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To correctly set clock hands center and radius, use keyboard shortcut SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+T to hide hands and show circles of given position an radius.

Hint : You can easily use other skin as base for you work. But be sure not to overwrite others skin this way.

After you test your skin, pack your skin with ZIP archiver and send along with informations about skin author to with subject "PUeX Desktop Analog Clock - Skin". We will add your skin to our PUeX Desktop Analog Clock internet pages.

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