B-Cup XP 1.3 CZ/EN


   Tool to manualy start backup
   process without the need to
   open B-Cup XP control panel



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is simple, fast and compact automated backup solution. Once set up, it will sit quietly in the background and backup your data on certain events or in specified time intervals.
The B-Cup XP offers fully automated backup service able to perform backup even when there is no user logged on. The B-Cup XP provides own control panel to configure all aspects of backup process. The B-Cup XP is able to work in two most common backup modes: creating snapshots and maintaining mirrored copy of data; the backup process can be initiated on all important events and timer; and user can be notified about the backup process with two optional animations. Also logging feature is provided with detailed informations about the backup process.

Snapshot mode. Every time the backup is triggered, all chosen data sources get copied into target location. As mentioned above, the target directory is combined of Base Target Directory and backup mode specification directory which is in "YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS" date/time format.
This means that always new backup copy is created. To use this mode, you should make sure that there is enough free space on the target disc drive/partition.
Mirroring mode. This mode is similar to the mode above, except that the backup mode specification directory is always called "MIRROR". Moreover, only the files that has changed get copied, so this mode is usually significantly faster than the snapshot mode.
This is really useful system utility. It is very simple to use, so also beginners can use it.


The B-Cup XP is FREEWARE. You may freely distribute and publish the program.
The B-Cup XP is protected by internation copyright law and property laws in all countries.

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